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     In the Summer of 2021, Pastor Jeff Russell (NBCF) and I (Pastor Eric Stovall of FBC) began a friendship which blossomed into a brotherhood that has become vitally important to both of us.  This deepening bond began to spread as each of our Church families became intertwined in prayer together in November of 2021.  Over the course of a year of praying together on the first Sundays of every month, communal prayer among God’s people beyond our own “four walls” became the catalyst for an unexpected kinship between our two church families.  Our hearts knit were together by our unity in Christ, by our unity in Spirit, and truth, and mission.  In August of 2022, it became apparent to the leadership of both churches, that God had been working all along toward a potential, mutual endeavor of eternal proportion.

     Both Faith Baptist Church and New Beginnings church families sought God’s heart on how to proceed forward.  In this regard, both church memberships, with 100% unity, humbly discerned that God was actively merging our church families to live into God’s mission for His glory together.  

     As Pastor Jeff and I prayed and discussed this, we understood that this would be a new work of God for both of our church families.  It will be a new Church Fellowship that is stronger together than if we remain apart.

     In a world filled with brokenness and division, we believe God may very well be telling His story by rearranging His Church in Kokomo according to His eternal, good purposes.  We believe that He is starting this work with us and we rejoice that God is indeed leading our church families to come together in unity to form an exquisitely-crafted masterpiece in Christ.

     Pastor Jeff and I believe that Kokomo and all the world will see in God’s Church the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit that will bring glory to His name.  With this, we trust many will respond to the marvelous, immeasurable, perfect wisdom of God Who is still unifying a broken humanity together in Christ. Yes, souls will be save, disciples made, and disciple-making missionaries will be developed and sent forth!

May the joining of our two churches birth a new creation in Kokomo that will be a foretaste of the eternal chapter in God’s Story!

Come and taste of the great good God is doing in Kokomo!

Sundays, 10am

New Beginnings Christian Fellowship

1900 S. Berkley Rd. Kokomo, IN 46902

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